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The Hospital

The Akonolinga District Hospital is located in the Central Region in the town of Akonolinga, the capital of the Nyong-and-Mfoumou Department.It covers an area of ​​1420.9 Km2 and 80,361 inhabitants. It externs in three administrative units: the district of Akonolinga, the district of Endom and the (administrative) district of Mengang. The population is predominantly rural.

In general, the Hospital offers preventive, curative, promotional and management activities, among preventive activities we have post-natal follow-up. In terms of management activities, there is the presence of activity planning, as well as monitoring and evaluation of activities (each beginning of the month). Within the framework of the fight against maternal, neonatal, juveniledelinquency, complete obstetric and neonatal care with essential care for the newborn. An emphasis is put on women as a whole, especially in the fight against infections and genital diseases (Sexual and non-sexual transmitted infections, genetic cancer, infertility, etc.)


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Agenda of the Hospital

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