Physiotherapy is a primary health discipline involved in the prevention and promotion of health, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of impairments and disabilities in the neurological, musculoskeletal, Skeletal and cardiorespiratory features of the person. "It uses a variety of modalities such as manual therapy, heat, cryotherapy (cold), electrotherapy (muscular / sensory stimulation, ultrasound, laser, etc.), hydrotherapy (water) ultrasound for sensory feedback and function. The subject of such rehabilitation includes neuron-musculoskeletal problems, that is, neurological, joint, muscle, balance, coordination, sensitivity, strength, endurance, pain And hearing . The goal of the physiotherapist is to bring the patient to a normal or even optimal physical shape.

Physiotherapy treats functional limitations resulting from injuries and diseases affecting muscles, joints and bones, as well as neurological systems (brain, nerves, and spinal cord), respiratory (lungs), circulatory (blood vessels) and cardiac (heart). The role of physiotherapy is to help patients to recover their maximum physical capacities according to their personal potential.

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