Childbirth is the act of bringing a child into the world. The termination of pregnancy consists in the expulsion of one or more fetuses from the uterus of the mother.

Childbirth takes place in three phases. The first is the phase of dilation which begins with the contractions of the uterus, which press the amniotic membrane on the cervix. The second phase of labor is that of expulsion: uterine contractions are accentuated, the abdominal muscles contract, contributing to the expulsion of the fetus by the vagina. This is the birth of the baby. At this stage, the fetus is still connected to the mother by the umbilical cord, which must be cut. The third phase is deliverance, that is, when the placenta is expelled by the uterus. The first two phases of childbirth are sometimes grouped under the term work.

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