Appointments Online


The online appointment with doctors makes it more convenient for patients who want to save time in queues to meet a doctor. Patients can consult the available doctor and get the appointment in advance according to their expected time and date.
The importance of the digital for the development of our economy can no longer be over emphasized. The digital economy is an accelerator of growth, in addition to being a real niche of new jobs. The platform for making appointments with doctors online remotely is one of the solutions for the development of our economy in general and health-economy in particular through digital technology:
In order to take this appointment you have to follow the following steps:

  • Register to have an account and a password;
  • choose the medical specialty you desire;
  • choose a doctor from the list of doctors;
  • click on the time that suits you;
  • you will receive an email containing all the booking details of your appointment;
  • After confirmation by the doctor chosen, you will receive another confirmation email containing all the details of your appointment;
  • With your account and password, you can log into your account at any time, create and manage your own appointments. ;
  • Through an automatic system, you will receive notifications to remind you of dates and times of appointments;
  • The doctor will be able to communicate with you through the physicians' administration area for (Confirmation Notifications, Reminder, etc.), by the email address you used to register.
The prescription made to Cameroon government by the Head of State, in his speech to the Nation at the end of 2015 invited employees to work in the sense of seizing all the opportunities that the digital economy holds, in order to accelerate the development of the country.
This prescription is justified because we see that the internet, mobile phones and other digital technologies are rapidly spreading throughout the developing world, but the expected dividends of digital, namely stronger growth, the creation of more jobs as well as better public services, do not live up to expectations.
This platform, developed in French and English and adapted to the objectives of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, will enable the Akonolinga District Hospital to modernize and improve its services for certain categories of users and Cameroonians from the diaspora who will be able to take care of and monitor the health of their loved ones in Cameroon thanks to the new information and communication technologies.

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